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Pre-enrolment is a indispensable requirement towards ensuring a place on the study programme of your choice. It is a payment of 1000 Euros that will be deducted from the registration fee, to be paid using the following form.


Registration fee of the Official Master┬┤s Degree in European Union - China: Culture and Economy (EU students)
1000.00 €
4888.80 € (Full tuition)

Policy on sales and cancellations/refunds 

Cancelling a pre-enrolment fee 

The whole amount of the pre-enrolment fee will only be refunded if the master's degree programme is cancelled, if an error attributable to the School has been made, or in the case of non-EU students whose visa application has been refused. (Documentary proof of this is needed.) 

Exceptionally, a refund of the pre-enrolment fee may be considered before the start of the registration period, provided the interested party shows that unexpected causes of a personal nature prevent him/her from following the course in a normal way. 

Cancellation of enrolment 

Please check the following link for our enrolment cancellation policy: https://www.uab.cat/web/fuabformacio/official-master-s-degrees-enrolment/modifying-or-cancelling-enrolment-1345770606196.html 

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